Hey, gamers? Don’t worry. Developers are not going to stop making shitty games just because critics call them out on it. Some of them will, and I look forward to that, but there will always be people out there making games where you play as a forgettable white guy shooting people in the face and rescuing babes in bikinis. Nobody is going to take that Dionysian joy away from you, except yourself, when you grow up.

The rise of mature games that don’t feature shitty characters and situations does not diminish your supply of immature shit in any way. It caters to a growing market of consumers who have just as much of a right to play a fucking videogame as you do, and doesn’t harm you at all.

Owen Grieve, No-one is Coming to Take Away Your Shitty Toys (via rollforproblematic)

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"In La Chinoise, Godard makes the point about its being a movie by, among other devices, flashing the clapper board on the screen from time to time, and by briefly cutting to Raoul Coutard, the cameraman on this as on most of Godard’s films, seated behind his apparatus. But then one immediately imagines some underling holding another clapper while that scene was shot, and someone else who had to be there behind another camera to photograph Coutard. It’s impossible ever to penetrate behind the final veil and experience cinema unmediated by cinema.” — Susan Sontag

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